Did you know that for every dollar a business invests in employee wellness, they receive a return of between $2.05-$615 in increased productivity, fewer sick days, lower health insurance claims, increased employee satisfaction, morale and loyalty, and reduced employee turnover!  Simple, inexpensive wellness programs such as yoga or tai chi, stop smoking, fitness or weight loss competitions, stress counselling, healthy cafeteria food, and weekly chair massage offer significant benefit

Stress is the #1 health complaint in North America.  Mental illness and mood disorders are on the rise at an alarming rate.  More than 75% of adults say they experience recurring or chronic pain.  Back pain is the #1 pain issue.  There no doubt that keeping your employees well and happy is really just GOOD business! 

The following experienced Keynote Speakers and Corporate Wellness Coaches are available to speak to your meeting, convention, service group, business or club on a wide range of fascinating topics


Inspiring Keynote Speakers ~ Corporate Wellness Programs




Lori D'Ascenzo  Health research writer and publisher, business author and business coach for Alternative Health Professionals,  Enlightended Feelings facilitator for emotional healing, animal communicator, animal healer   Fonthill ON  905-892-3813

An entrepreneur for more than 35 years, Lori has been a pioneer in every field she has endeavoured.  She has been featured in dozens of newspaper stories, has been interviewed on television many times, hosted her own radio talk show, lectured extensively across Ontario and Western New York, and published 4 different magazines, including Canada's first bachelor magazine!  An authority on a wide range of Alternative Health and metaphysical topics, Lori has interviewed and studied some of the world's pioneering scientists and is a wealth of information.  Lori has developed a new field of health science called Neuro-Frequency Healing, which is now recognized by Health Canada.  This is a fascinating topic for your group or convention   Learn more about Lori    Here's what people are saying ... "What a great presentation you made last night. Many, many thanks! People told me how much they enjoyed the meeting and how much what you said inspired them and got them thinking."  Nancy Weil  Holistic Alliance of Western New York   



Cindy Nilsen CR CCA  Certified Reflexologist, Clinical Aromatherapist   Thorold ON 

Available in Niagara Region only.  Cindy explains the health benefits of Aromatherapy and Reflexology.  Learn more about Cindy.




Elizabeth Skronski   Coaching for Wellbeing  Niagara-on-the-Lake ON 

Inspiring and transformational keynotes and workshops on creating a mindful organizational culture that promotes focus and clarity while improving productivity. Elizabeth also facilitates workshops for organizations and companies wanting to learn the basics of mindfulness. Elizabeth holds a B.A. in clinical psychology from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She is a Certified Personal and Executive Developmental Coach, certified facilitator in Meditation, Transformative Mindfulness, the Five Tibetan Yogas, Laughter Yoga and is a facilitator of the 16 Guidelines, a framework to create a meaningful life, inspiring workplaces, and engage employees.



see also Stress Relief

Wellness programs in the workplace make good business sense!  For every $1 your company invests in employee wellness, it gains from $2.05-$6.15 from fewer sick days, lower insurance costs and claims, greater employee satisfaction and loyalty, higher productivity, and lower attrition.  That's a significant contribution to your profit!  

Even simple opt-in programs like Yoga, Laughter Yoga, or Tai Chi ~  weekly chair massage ~ stop smoking assistance ~ weight loss and fitness can create significant and lasting benefit

These qualified professionals offer specialized wellness programs for your business ...


Elizabeth Skronski Certified Personal and Executive Developmental Coach    Niagara-on-the-Lake ON  905-351-4337   Coaching for Wellbeing

The programs include: stress reduction through meditation, the Five Tibetan Yogas, the Transformative Mindfulness Process and Laughter Yoga


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