Healing Your Sole Reflexology

Scott Brettell CR  OCR Certified Reflexologist
  St Catharines, ON

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Reflexology ~ Indian Head Massage ~ Magnetic Resonance Stimulation


Scott Brettell took an interest in alternative therapies a few years ago when his wife became ill. Conventional doctors were not finding the issues, only prescribing medications to mask symptoms, so he turned to alternative medicine.  After noticing the health benefits of regular Reflexology sessions, and how Reflexology was very specific in pinpointing areas of imbalance within the body, Scott decided to pursue this field of therapies



Scott is now an Ontario College of Reflexology certified Reflexologist.  He is especially adept at pinpointing your unresolved health issues through the Reflex points on your feet.  Reflexology treatment will often precipitate an improvement in those health issues  

Here's what one of Scott's clients had to say about her treatment  "His findings at the end of my session were completely accurate without any hints from me--I was greatly impressed! I will now work together with Scott and my doctor to take care of these issues, optimizing my health potential. His passion for and in-depth knowledge of his new chosen profession is very evident from the first session a client experiences ... I highly recommend Scott's talent and services, assuring you that "you're in good hands" with Scott at Healing Your Sole."  Sophie L  St Catharines

"I was impressed with Scott's professionalism and expertise.  The atmosphere was peaceful and I felt relaxed, even though I was new to Reflexology and a little apprehensive beforehand.  Scott spent extra time answering all my questions and made me feel comfortable through his friendly personality and approach.  During my first appointment, he was able to target areas of my body that I was having issues with, without me mentioning them.  In subsequent sessions, Scott was also correct in his assessment that the issues were improved.  Reflexology is not only an excellent source for discovering ailments, but also a means to help your body heal itself.  It has been a refreshing approach to maximizing my own health in a natural way.  I highly recommend Scott and his Reflexology treatments!"--Laurie S., St. Catharines, ON

Reflexology  1 hr  $55 incl HST


To book a Reflexology appointment with Scott call 289-687-0268  or Email


Indian Head Massage (Champissage)

Indian Head Massage, also known as Champissage, is a localized relaxation massage technique focusing on the face, head, neck, shoulders, upper back and upper arms.   Head Massage helps to relieve stress and tension and create a sense of peace and well-being.  Head Massage is performed in a seated position while you are fully clothed

Indian Head Massage  35 minutes  $40 incl HST



To book an Indian Head Massage appointment with Scott call 289-687-0268  or Email


Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

Dr Oz recommends Pulsed Magnetic Therapy.  Please indicate at the time of booking that you would like this included in your Reflexology or Head Massage session to allow for proper appointment scheduling 


To book an appointment with Scott call 289-687-0268  or Email


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