Health Issues Reference Guide

Link directly to the best therapy for your health issues ... This guide will help you select the natural therapy or service that is most helpful for your particular health issue.  Simply click on any link to view practitioner(s) who offer this service


See our alphabetical Glossary of Natural Therapies to learn more about a particular therapy. how it works, and what benefits it provides




Addiction, Quit smoking--see Acupuncture     Counselling    Emotional Freedom Technique     Heilkunst Medicine     Hypnosis     Ion Cleanse     Naturopathic Medicine

Allergies--see Health Assessments & Testing     Emotional Freedom Technique      Heilkunst Medicine     Homeopathy     Hypnosis     Naturopathic Medicine     PURE Natural Health     

Anger Management--see Botanical Bio-frequency Testing     Counselling     Emotional Freedom Technique      Heilkunst Medicine     Hypnosis     Healing Your Sole     Mental Health

Animal Healing--see Botanical Bio-frequency Testing     Enlightened Feelings for Animals     Flower Essences     Natural Health Clinic     Reiki      

Anti-Aging--see Natural Health Clinic     Yoga

Arthritis--see Acupuncture     A Finer Balance     Heilkunst Medicine     Homeopathy     Hypnosis     Infra Red Sauna     Ion Cleanse     Arden Kozak RMT     Massage Therapy     Medical Acupuncture     Natural Health Clinic     Cindy Nilsen      PURE Natural Health     Thermography     Vibro-acoustic Healing     Yoga

Attention Deficit (Hyperactive) Disorder--see Health Assessments & Testing     Heilkunst     Homeopathy     Hypnosis     Naturopathic Medicine     

Back pain, Scoliosis, Kyphosis-- see Acupuncture     A Finer Balance      Bowen Therapy     Energy Healing     Healing Your Sole     Heilkunst Medicine     Hypnosis     Arden Kozak RMT     Massage Therapy    Medical Acupuncture     Cindy Nilsen     Osteopathy     Reflexology     SCENAR Therapy     Thai Yoga Massage     Vibro-acoustic Healing       Yoga     

Cancer--see Aromatherapy Lymph Massage     Cancer Counselling     Colon Hydrotherapy    Emotional Freedom Technique      Energy Healing     Heilkunst Medicine     Homeopathy     Hypnosis     Infra Red Sauna     Ion Cleanse      Naturopathic Medicine     Cindy Nilsen     Therapeutic Touch

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia--see  Acupuncture    Bowen Therapy      Colon Hydrotherapy     Energy Healing     Healing Your Sole     Health Assessments & Testing     Heilkunst Medicine     Homeopathy     Hypnosis     Ion Cleanse     Arden Kozak RMT     Julia Lowrey      Massage Therapy     Medical Acupuncture      Naturopathic Medicine     Cindy Nilsen     Reflexology     Therapeutic Touch     Vibro-acoustic Healing     Vital Link Wellness    Yoga

Cardiovascular Health --see Acupuncture     Heilkunst Medicine     Homeopathy     Naturopathic Medicine    Natural Health Clinic     PURE Natural Health     Thai Yoga Massage     Yoga

Depression, Anxiety--see Botanical Bio-frequency Testing     Counselling     Emotional Freedom Technique     Enlightened Feelings     Energy Healing     Flower Essences     Grief & Loss Counselling     Health Assessments & Testing     Heilkunst     Homeopathy     Hypnosis     Mind Body Spirit     Mental Health     Thai Yoga Massage     Vibro-acoustic Healing      Yoga    

Digestive Disorders, Irritable Bowel Disorder (IBS), Crohn's--see  Acupuncture     A Finer Balance     Colon Hydrotherapy     Health Assessments & Testing     Heilkunst Medicine     Homeopathy     Hypnosis     Ion Cleanse     Iridology     Naturopathic Medicine     Osteopathy      Pure Natural Health     Vital Link Wellness

Emotional Issues, Mood Disorders, Abuse or Trauma--see Botanical Bio-frequency Testing     Grief & Loss Counselling     Counselling     Emotional Freedom Technique      Enlightened Feelings     Energy Healing      Flower Essences     Healing Your Sole     Health Assessments & Testing     Heilkunst Medicine     Hypnosis     Mental Health     Mind Body Spirit

Fertility and reproductive problems--see Acupuncture     Heilkunst Medicine     Hypnosis     Naturopathic Medicine      

Fitness--see Fitness Training    Massage Therapy     Infra Red Sauna     Arden Kozak RMT    Natural Health Clinic        Pilates     PURE Natural Health     Yoga

Grief--see Botanical Bio-frequency Testing     Counselling     Emotional Freedom Technique       Enlightened Feelings     Flower Essences     Healing Your Sole     Homeopathy     Hypnosis     Reiki     Therapeutic Touch     

Headaches, Migraines--see Acupuncture     Aromatherapy     Bowen Therapy     Energy Healing     Head Massage     Healing Your Sole     Heilkunst Medicine     Homeopathy     Arden Kozak RMT     Julia Lowrey     Massage Therapy     Medical Acupuncture     Naturopathic Medicine     Cindy Nilsen     Osteopathy      Rejuvenating Face Massage     Thai Yoga Massage      Therapeutic Touch     Vibro-acoustic Healing

HIV/Aids--see Naturopathic Medicine

Hormonal Imbalances, Menopause, PMS--see Acupuncture     Aromatherapy     Cindy Nilsen     Health Assessments & Testing     Heilkunst     Homeopathy     Naturopathic Medicine      

Injury Recovery--see Arden KozaK RMT     Bowen Therapy     Energy Healing     Healing Your Sole     Homeopathy     Hypnosis     Arden Kozak RMT     Julia Lowrey     Massage Therapy      Medical Acupuncture        Natural Health Clinic    Cindy Nilsen     Osteopathy     PURE Natural Health      Therapeutic Touch    Thermography    Vibro-acoustic Healing     Yoga

Insomnia--see Acupuncture     A Finer Balance     Aromatherapy     Emotional Freedom Technique     Enlightened Feelings     Homeopathy     Hypnosis      Naturopathic Medicine      Thai Yoga Massage     Vibro-acoustic Healing

Nutritional Deficiencies--see Health Assessments & Testing     Iridology     Naturopathic Medicine      Natural Health Clinic     PURE Natural Health    

Pain Management--see Acupuncture     Aromatherapy     Bowen Therapy     Cindy Nilsen     Emotional Freedom Technique      Energy Healing     Healing Your Sole     Heilkunst Medicine     Homeopathy     Hypnosis      Ion Cleanse     Infra Red Sauna     Arden Kozak RMT     Julia Lowrey     Massage Therapy     Medical Acupuncture      Natural Health Clinic    Naturopaths     Cindy Nilsen     Osteopathy     Reflexology     Thai Yoga Massage     Therapeutic Touch   Vibro-acoustic Healing    

Parasites, Candida--see Colon Hydrotherapy     Health Assessments & Testing     Ion Cleanse     Naturopathic Medicine     Natural Health Clinic     Vital Link Wellness    

Pregnancy--see Doula     Naturopaths     Massage Therapy     pre-natal and post-natal massage      

Self Esteem  Self Confidence  Motivation---see Botanical Bio-frequency Testing     Emotional Freedom Technique     Enlightened Feelings     Flower Essences     Hypnosis     Life Coach     Mental Health     Mind Body Spirit

Stress--see Acupuncture     Aromatherapy     Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage     Emotional Freedom Technique     Enlightened Feelings     Flower Essences     Head Massage     Healing Your Sole     Heilkunst     Homeopathy     Hypnosis     Arden Kozak RMT     Julia Lowrey     Meditation    Mind Body Spirit     Natural Health Clinic     Cindy Nilsen     Reiki     Elizabeth Skronski     Thai Yoga Massage     Therapeutic Massage     Therapeutic Touch    Vibro-acoustic Healing     Yoga     

Toxins or Heavy Metal Removal--see Aromatherapy Lymph Massage     Colon Hydrotherapy      Homeopathy     Infra Red Sauna     Ion Cleanse    Naturopathic Medicine     Natural Health Clinic   

Weight Loss--see Aromatherapy Lymph Massage     Colon Hydrotherapy     Emotional Freedom Technique     Health Assessments & Testing     Heilkunst Medicine     Hypnosis     Infra Red Sauna    Ion Cleanse     Natural Health Clinic     PURE Natural Health    Vital Link Wellness    



Caveat:  for your protection and ours we want you to know the following information:  This website exists as a source of credible information about your natural health care options, to allow you to make informed choices.  The goal of the professionals whose name or links appear on this website are to bring balance and harmony to mind body and soul so that your body can perform its own optimal healing.  Regulating bodies for orthodox medicine and psychotherapy and Health Canada restrict us from making claims about any healing properties in natural products and services.  You should know these restrictions will inhibit your ability to learn which natural products and services may be most beneficial for you.  We can tell you that natural products and services have been consistently proven by the American Medical Association to be safer and more effective than traditional medical treatments.  If you advocate your freedom of choice and right to safe, natural products and health care without restrictions, we recommend you voice your opionion to Health Canada and your MP



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