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4424 Montrose Road, Unit 2  Niagara Falls, ON

Sam Black, Executive Director and Chris Black, Director of Fitness and Nutrition




Holistic Nutrition ~ Fitness ~ Life and Wellness Coaching ~ Energy Healing ~ Float Pod Therapy


About Us

Sam Black, B.A., B.Ed.

Sam has a passion for helping others and facilitating healing so that her clients obtain holistic wellness and resolution.

With a background in Social Work, Child Welfare, Education and Direct Sales, Sam has extensive experience in not only seeing the best in others, but in assisting them in using their assets to achieve optimal success.  As a lifelong learner, Sam embraces new training opportunities and incorporates them in to her practice.

Sam is a Life Coach, specializing in relationships, self image and life transitions.  She is a member of the Certified Coaches Federation™ and Healthy Wealthy and Wise®.


“Sam is a life coach with amazing intuition. She coaches with wisdom, insight, and integrity. She is also a thoughtful listener who truly cares about her clients. After a coaching session with Sam, I had clarity, insights, and action steps to help me achieve my goals.
If you are looking for a life coach to encourage, support, and give you the tools and accountability you need to achieve success,
Sam is the perfect choice.”  ~ Lisa


Chris Black, Certified Life Coach; DDP Yoga level one instructor

With a background in Child and Youth work, Chris has dedicated much of his time assisting at risk youth through the transitions of life and teaching them that "awesomeness" comes from within.

Chris is a Certified Life Coach through the Certified Coaches Federation™.  Chris has an expansive educational background in History, English, Human Resources, Social Welfare and Social Development and is in the process of obtaining certification as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a DDP Yoga Level 1 Instructor.

His love of learning, wellness, fitness and nutrition bring an exciting dimension to Grounded Roots Wellness!

“Having regularly practiced traditional yoga, I wasn't sure what to expect when trying DDP yoga for the first time. To my surprise, it was a great balance between the yoga I was familiar with and a faster-paced work-out. Just the right amount of each.
Chris's teaching style was simple, instructive and relaxed all in one.”  ~ Katie


Holistic Nutrition 

Chris offers a variety of services to assist clients in eating to optimally fuel their bodies and feel great!  From nutrition groups, one on one sessions  (assessment, coaching and weigh ins) and grocery store tours, Chris can help you reach your goals!

"I had some really unhealthy food habits and struggled with my sugar levels and a rare autoimmune disease. By using some of the strategies that I learned from Chris, my health issues were in remission and I lost 30lbs in 2 months!" ~ Becca



Chris offers both assessments and a variety of classes to help clients get moving and increase mobility, flexibility and health.  Classes include DDP Yoga, Nordic Pole Walking and more!

“I do quite a bit of walking, but mostly just to get to where I’m going.  Otherwise I’m not an overly active person, so when I decided to give Chris’ DDP Yoga class a try, I expected it to be a lot harder on me.

Having never done any form of Yoga, I was worried about keeping up with Chris and the others. Chris kept a very comfortable and positive feel to the class, so I didn’t worry for long. While being a strain on my body that I wasn’t used to, I had an easier time than I expected with following the positions and the holds. I couldn’t avoid looking like a fool, but that was part of the fun.
I even went back again! Thanks Chris!”  ~ Shawn

Life and Wellness Coaching

Sam is a Master Coach and Trainer for the Certified Coaches Federation.  Her coaching specialties include relationships, life transitions, spiritual including grief and loss, direct sales and business solutions and parenting.

Chris is a Certified Life Coach and his focus is on holistic nutrition, physical goals and transitioning men and youth.

Sam and Chris use a variety of strategies with clients including Psych K, Cognitive Reflex Conditioning, Past Life Regression and more!

"I was really nervous about what to expect from my healing session with Sam, but I knew that I needed help. Sam explained everything to me and I felt comfortable quickly. I was surprised by what she knew about me just from working with my energy and felt so much lighter when I left! It was like a huge weight had been lifted! I'll be back!" ~Carrie B.

Energy Healing

Sam is a level 4 Energy Healer and works with your energy and chakras to promote healing from a physical and emotional perspective. Sam's approach strongly promotes the belief that healing needs to happen on a physical, emotional and cognitive level for optimal and long lasting healing and wellness. Grounded Roots Wellness Inc. offers all of this, however it is not a medical facility. We do however work with health teams at our client's request.

“I have known Sam Black for years and rarely have I met a coach with so much compassion for people, so much patience for her clients, and such a natural way of helping others find new paths to a better tomorrow.”  ~ Derrick Sweet

Float Pod Therapy

Imagine drug free pain relief, relaxation and zero gravity! Grounded Roots Wellness Inc. has two Float Pods (with a third being added in 2017) to offer a variety of benefits to clients! Floating has been shown to bring relief to arthritis, injuires, insomnia, PTSD, depression and anxiety, increased brain function, Seasonal Affective Disorder, relief for commuters, to detoxify the body and so much more! Take your meditation practice to the next level with this amazing treatment!

“I have never felt so relaxed in my life. I experienced one float and bought a membership. If you meditate this is the way to go because of the sensory depriviation it makes it much easier to quiet the mind. So happy that Grounded Roots Wellness is in Niagara Falls!”  ~ Kathy Upper, Spiritual Niagara




4424 Montrose Road, Unit 2  Niagara Falls, ON

Sam Black, Executive Director and Chris Black, Director of Fitness and Nutrition