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You brush your teeth each day, and take baths or showers, exercise and eat well. But part of being healthy has to do with maintaining a healthy energy system.  Electromagnetic fields are everywhere, and permeate everything.  Daily you are subjected to hydro EMF's, cell phones, microwaves, wiring in your home, computers, and a host of other EMF's.  Learn more about the danger of EMF's

Being in close proximity to other people (especially negative people!) or simply watching the evening news can have detrimental effects on your energy field, too.  Learn more about your energy field, how it works, and how energy therapies can help you

Variations of energy therapies include Usui Reiki, Karuna, Imara, Blue Star, Shamballa, Gendai-Reiki-Ho, Threshold Reiki, Seichim. Ki Kou, Zenith Omega, Qi Kung, Quantum Touch, Shamanic Healing, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, and Magnified Healing

Although there are many different Energy healing modalities, they all work basically the same.  Energy therapies simultaneously address emotional, psychological, energetic and physical.  That's because you ARE energy.  Your body is really comprised of billions of vibrating atoms!

On a physical level, your own electro-magnetic energy naturally draws hemoglobin (iron + oxygen) to injured tissue, thereby increasing oxygen exposure for tissue regeneration and lower pH

At the atomic level, your own electro-magnetic energy excites photons in the cells, causing energy impulses that travel instantly throughout the body to interact with regulatory systems such as the endocrine and nervous systems.  Beneficial neuropeptides are released including endorphins, which are natural pain killers.  Toxins are released from cells.  The body’s immune functions and rapid self-healing mechanisms are induced.  

Because they stabilize your electromagnetic energy, Energy Therapies help to reduce free radicals.  Every atom’s optimum level of vibration is restored.  The result is harmonization of your entire body.  Healing accelerates by as much as 250%!  You feel relaxed, alert, and vitally alive. 

Quite often an emotional blockage or trauma will release during or after treatment.  This is particularly helpful for people who have undergone trauma through an accident or injury, or health issues that stem from an emotional or psychological cause.

Excellent to reduce stress, heal emotional trauma, and to promote recovery or minimize side-effects,  energy therapies are an ideal adjunct to traditional medical procedures such as surgery or cancer therapy.  They can be performed anywhere, with or without the use of high-tech devices, and generally do not require disrobing.  In some cases, practitioners may not even physically touch you.  Quantum energy Therapies are also excellent for treating animals.

Training and certification requirements vary for each modality.  Please ask each practitioner about their qualifications

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Bowen Therapy applies gentle rolling pressure over skin, fascia, muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons, with short pauses between moves.  This soothing restorative technique connects the fascia with the nervous system to ease inflammation, pain, mobility issues, respiratory problems, digestive disorders, gynecological problems, stress, and lymph circulation.  It provides overall well-being.  A series of 3 treatments is generally required.  Exercises, natural remedies and nutritional supplements may be added to reduce inflammation, relax muscles and promote healing

There are 2 levels of accreditation: Practitioner & Therapist.  Bowen Therapy is also effective for mobility issues in animals.  Separate certification is required





Using their body's own electro-magnetic field like a magnet, practitioners gently pass their hands over a person's body with or without touching it.  Photons in the cells respond, causing energy impulses to travel instantly throughout the body, interacting with regulatory systems such as the endocrine and nervous systems.  The body's immune systems and rapid self healing mechanisms are induced.  Beneficial neuropeptides are released, including endorphins, which are the body's natural pain killers.  Oxygen-rich hemoglobin is attracted to injured tissue, thereby increasing oxygen exposure for tissue regeneration  

Clothing does not interfere in a treatment.  Treatment is relaxing and entirely painless.  The only sensation may be some tingling


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Energy That Relaxes & Promotes Healing Through Linda!

Linda English  Reiki Master/Teacher
St Catharines ON

Usui Reiki Sessions ~ Amethyst Bio-Mat Session ~ Reiki with Amethyst Bio-Mat ~ Reiki Parties

Linda English is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher

"Linda; your Reiki room has a unique peaceful energetic aura.  I feel comfortable and at ease immediately. My Reiki Session enables me to release the stress of my daily life and with work and my medical issues. I leave with an awesome feeling of being totally balanced on all levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I look forward to my next session with you.  Thank you"  James

Linda was first introduced to Reiki after knee surgery. She was initially very sceptical.  But, after a few sessions she realized she actually felt better, so she wanted to learn Reiki herself. She provides Reiki sessions which includes chakra clearing and balance, and hosts Reiki parties throughout Niagara

"Linda, my Reiki sessions with you have allowed me to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. After each session I am left feeling balanced, relaxed and rested. I look forward to allowing my body to enjoy this time in your beautiful space and to receive any and all messages and answers.  Your peaceful and compassionate demeanour have allowed me to feel very comfortable. I look forward to my next Reiki session with you.  See you soon"  Nancy G

  Ask about our Reiki Parties!  4 participants or more at your location.  Earn a free Reiki session and free housecall

Contact Linda English



 Shamanic medicine is different from most types of healing in that it teaches the individual how to heal themselves through connecting with the natural world, as well as involving the use of healing herbs and smoke practices. While shamanic practices differ depending on where the practitioner was taught, the overall goal is always the same; using the healing power of nature and awakening the inner natural being of the afflicted.

By connecting with the natural realm, a patient of shamanic healing can learn to heal themselves on a molecular level, and in some cases even connect with the spirit world. A shaman’s goal is often to have those they are treating learn their true self, and by doing that connect with their ancestral roots.

For some, shamanic medicine is the only true form of healing, and a more naturalist approach to treating the human body and soul. Free of any unnatural chemicals, and using the wisdom of the ancient practitioners from times long forgotten, shamanic medicine is one of the healthiest and most wholesome approaches to healthcare.



Jason Cook C.S.S.P.
Shaman & Energy Medicine Practitioner
Souls in Progress

Jason facilitates healing and transformation to individuals, couples and groups all around the world through the practice of ancient indigenous medicine techniques and contemporary life coaching. He is a trained Medicine Man and Shaman along with being a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner through Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. and The Four Winds Society. Jason is also a trained Certified Intuitive Practitioner through internationally acclaimed Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Counsellor and Spiritual Healer Sonia Choquette, Ph.D.

Souls In Progress™ offers a variety of different services that can facilitate extraordinary states of healing, transformation, peace and well-being at the levels of Spirit (Energy), Soul (Mythic), Mind (Emotional/Thought), and Body (Physical Form).

Through the combined effort, courage, willingness, determination and commitment of both practitioner and client, healing not only becomes becomes miraculous and commonplace.

Please visit my Soul Services drop down menu on the Souls In Progress website for a more in depth explanation of the processes and techniques that I may facilitate during a healing session. 

Energy Medicine Session Fee: 75-90 min / $120

For your convenience, healing sessions can also be facilitated remotely over the telephone and online via Skype...please contact me for more details.

What People Are Saying:

“Jason, I’m truly grateful and thankful for your healing. I am experiencing such amazing inner changes… my heart is so open I can feel it and sense it…”
~ Debbie, Hamilton, ON

“Jason and I have been working together for about eight months now. Honestly, my life has changed completely! Depression and anxiety are GONE!!! I have finally found love, peace and joy in my life!”
~ Janet, Port Colbourne, ON

“The healing of my soul wounds has had a great impact on my life. I am very grateful for this life changing experience. I have been asking the universe for help and I got to meet someone who has the ability to help me above and beyond my expectations.”
~ Sylvie, St. Catharines, ON

“He is professional, caring and sensitive…one of the most spiritual people I have encountered.”
~ Lousie, Whitby, ON

Jason Cook, 
Souls in Progress

Phone: 905-933-7182 
Visit Facebook Page: Souls in Progress 
Visit Facebook Page: Jason Cook

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Therapeutic Touch is a quantum energy healing technique that is entirely painless.  It was developed in the early 1970's by Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N., an American Professor of Nursing, and her mentor, the late Dora Kunz, a well-respected "natural" healer.  Therapeutic Touch was first conceived as an extension of professional nursing care and marked the first time in history that 'laying-on-of-hands' was taught as a full-time university subject. 

Twenty-five years of effective clinical practice and solid research has resulted in mainstream acceptance of Therapeutic Touch.  Today there are more than 18 Ph.D. Theses on Therapeutic Touch and 22 Post-Doctoral Therapeutic Touch Research Projects. Many Canadian hospitals recognize Therapeutic Touch and allow its use. The Order of Nurses of Quebec, the Ontario College of Nurses and the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) have accepted Therapeutic Touch as a nursing modality. In many Canadian hospitals it is used in Oncology and Maternity, with organ transplant, in Intensive Care Units, and on the wards.

Therapeutic Touch promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, and often diminishes pain, making it especially useful in hospice work.  There are no harmful side-effects, and some benefit is always attained.  Local Therapeutic Touch Networks offer FREE treatments by students who are working on their practicum.  


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