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Effortless Emotional Healing


your life as it could be ....

  • End struggle and feeling stuck
  • Feel JOY and ease in life
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Attract prosperity and good things into your life
  • Enjoy healthy, satisfying relationships
  • Nurture yourself in healthy ways
  • Overwrite your past
  • Make changes easily and without struggle


What if profound personal transformation is as easy as drinking a glass of water?  Here's how effortlessly you can begin to improve your life......

Life happens!  We've all had negative experiences and interactions with others that have left a damaging negative impact on us.  Childhood, family or parental relationships which lacked nurturing or safety are especially painful or disappointing

If you are like most people, you try to forget your negative experiences because you don't want to keep reliving the pain.  It's human nature to try to avoid pain or discomfort.  But, that doesn't mean the damaging after-effects aren't there.  In fact, they linger, long after the memory fades

Negative feelings create negative beliefs that affect how you act and react to situations in your life.  So, you may not make the best choices or decisions.  Feelings of diminishment, isolation, or low self-esteem creep in, and that's when life begins to feel unfair.  Nothing seems to go your way.  Or, you feel stuck and unable to move forward.  This limits your happiness and weakens your ability to create or receive what you really want in life

But, life doesn't have to always be that way!  When YOU change, everything changes!  ...your choices ... your perspective ... your relationships ... the people and opportunities you attract.  Learn more ....

The truth is, the universe doesn't respond to your wishes or longings..  It responds to the patterns you create.  Changing your thoughts and habit patterns can be an overwhelming struggle and take time and considerable expense....or you can choose to do it the easy way


Now you can effortlessly reverse the effects of your negative experiences and regain the freedom to have the life you really want!!

Botanicals have always been the source of our planet's most powerful medicines and healing remedies.  Since the beginning of time we have used plants to heal our bodies.

Now, science has found a way to capture the soul or life essence of beautiful living flowers without killing or harming them in any way.  Much higher in frequency that the constituents of the plant, these highly sensitive healing frequencies are well suited to healing your soul and emotional body

Our living flower essences are created using flowers carefully selected from our organic gardens.  All flowers are free from toxins or preservatives.  We don't kill or harm our plants and flowers to capture their frequencies.    Since the unique botanical 'energetic signature' is captured from living flowers, it remains in its purest, optimally coherent form.  In addition, we optimize the frequencies of our flowers as the essence is captured to ensure our flower frequencies are the most potent and effective essences available anywhere in the world



How can floral frequencies heal your emotions?

Traditional flower essences are classed as Homeopathy.  But, our unique flower essences are classed by Health Canada as Frequency Healing

Emotions are waves of energy that travel through your nervous system.  Think of a time you felt strong fear.  You felt it rush like a wave through your body, didn't you?  As the energy cascaded through your neural pathways it triggered the release of neuropeptides that created a physiological response in your body--blood rushing to the skin, heat and perspiration, muscles tensing, alertness, agitation.  So, you see, your body DOES physiologically respond to energy!

Learn more about how your body responds to emotions ...

Our flower frequencies act like 'tuning forks' to gently raise the vibration of your feelings to more a positive state of being.   They have the ability to 'overwrite' the negative subconscious mind, replacing harmful memories with your most positive state of being.   All it takes is just a few drops of floral frequencies in a glass of drinking water

The essences gently act to balance inharmonies in the emotional and spiritual body.  They have the capacity to gently displace negative subconscious memories and beliefs, and can fill voids where you have emotional chasms

Essences act as a catalyst on the subconscious mind to create rapid and powerful shifts in mental outlook, feelings and life circumstances, promoting an evolution of consciousness.   These unique vibrational frequencies effortlessly help you get 'unstuck' by overwriting the negative after-effects of your negative experiences and interactions, no matter how long forgotten or buried.  They act like tuning forks, using sympathetic resonance to shake loose and cancel out the heavy, disturbed vibration of negative emotions and raise your feelings to a clear, unobstructed vibration that is your TRUE self.

You feel greater joy, clarity, empowerment.  Your consciousness is transformed and elevated.  You become more open to life, more able to receive.  Acting without restrictions, you automatically attract more abundance, happiness, helpful people, healthy releationships, and opportunities.  You attract fewer crises and problems.  People treat you differently, with more respect.  Your thoughts, behavior and wellbeing improve dramatically because you are no longer hindered by negative feelings and beliefs that have been hiding in your subconscious mind.


Quite often you can actually see physical changes in a person who is using our floral frequencies.  Tension disappears from the face and the eyes appear to soften with what is described as a 'liberation of light.'   People may notice that you aren't reacting to situations in the same way as before.  You may suddenly see situations from an entirely different perspective, and respond, rather than react


Before custom essence ... after custom essence ....



Here's what Michel says ... "I took the custom blend and really felt it work. I am very happy with it."

Wendy said "After just one day using your essences I felt much more assertive.  Suddenly I wasn't allowing my employees to walk all over me.  That eliminated much of the resentment and stress I had been feeling.  Productivity increased, and my employees even seemed relieved and happy that I was setting rules and boundaries to follow.  My workplace became much happier and things began to run more smoothly."   

Karen returned after 3 days to get custom formulas for her partner and her horses.  "I definitely feel different.  The anger and bitterness has lifted and suddenly I am seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty.  I'm appreciating the value of what has happened instead of resenting it." 

Shelly said "I don't feel I would be sending this email if it wasn't for your help.  I now look forward to each day and making the most of it.  I feel like I am on a high, and now feel like I am ready to face my day at work.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!

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Learn how your pets may be absorbing your negative energies and how you can help your pets to become happier and more balanced, too ...


How do you know which floral frequencies to choose?

The beauty of using flower essences to heal is that you don't have to recall everything that has negatively affected you!  You just need to look at the results in your life right now

You can order one of our amazing essence remedies in a wide range of themes .... or a custom essence formula created uniquely for you


Do YOU need a custom flower essence remedy?

Sometimes your life just seems all wrong and you don't understand why it just isn't working or why you just can't seem to find happiness.  Sometimes you just need someone who can see the big picture of your life situation more objectively.  Sometimes you are so caught in the middle of your emotional muddle that you just can't see clearly.  Whatever your reasons, we're here to help

A typical kinesiology testing session takes 2.5 hrs and includes follow up monitoring and support while you are taking your floral frequencies.  It's painless, safe, enjoyable, and virtually effortless!   In fact, many people say they feel more balanced and serene by the time the testing is complete

You simply add a few drops of your custom essence formula to a glass of water each day and sip it.  Within a couple days you'll see and feel positive changes

It's that easy! 

Learn more about our rates and services ...


What if you can't visit us in person?

We offer convenient testing by photograph for those who live at a distance or are unable to attend in person.  We've performed hundreds of tests for people all over the world.  Our photo tests are highly accurate, and the results speak for themselves.....

"I was on the train to work and all of a sudden I felt an inner calmness.  Everything around me got brighter.  As if things were coming into focus.  I felt a clarity that I had not felt.  I felt more at ease and content.  .... I Am amazed at how great I feel!"  Monique B  Oakville ON

Learn more about photo testing ...

Order a photo test ....  send a passport-type snapshot or 'selfie'. Smiling is fine.  Be sure your photo is very recent. Be sure to include your contact info and the best time of day to call you with your results.  We accept visa and mastercard


To reserve your personal testing session call Lori D'Ascenzo in Fonthill ON  905-892-3813  or email lori@enlightenedfeelings.com  or visit www.enlightenedfeelings.com



Emotional Healing for Animals:  Our astonishing flower essences are highly beneficial for animals, too!  They offer a gentle, profoundly effective way to restore optimal performance and joy to your dog, cat or horse.  We can easily release traumas, stress, long-standing health problems and emotional issues, while enhancing behavior, performance and well-being. 

Our frequencies are particularly effective for performance and working animals such as show horses and racehorses.  These animals undergo more stress, greater expectations, and experience failure, punishment, abuse and diminishment at greater levels than other animals  Learn more about our healing services for pets and horses ...

See our remedies for dogs, cats and horses ....

We offer a special performance-enhancing pre-formulated blend just for performance and racehorses.  Our formula does not interfere with drug screening tests, so it can be used immediately before a race or competition.  Learn more ...


TESTIMONIALS:  Veteran thoroughbred trainer W Wolff says "There is no doubt I saw a difference in the behavior of my racehorses immediately after they received your custom blends.  They became calmer, more focused, more confident.  It's inexpensive and it really seems to work."

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About Lori D'Ascenzo ...

For nearly 20 years Lori D'Ascenzo was a publisher of Alternative Health magazines, directories and websites for Niagara Region and beyond.  She produced Niagara Region's first health expos, and has lectured extensively throughout Niagara Region and Western New York on a wide range of Alternative Health topics

Lori is a Reiki practitioner, Vibro-acoustic healing master practitioner, and a master flower essence practitioner, with thousands of clients all over the world.  Lori began working with living flower essences for both pets and people in 2005 and created Enlightened Feelings potentized living flower essences in 2012.  She is an international instructor in Vibro-Acoustic Healing and Flower Essence Testing 

Lori conducts fun 1-day Flower Essence Experience Workshops in May-July at her serene picturesque office-studio and organic estate.  Visit the website for details    



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