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Mindfulness-Based Coaching (Personal and Corporate)

Imagine having someone who listens to you without judging you. Someone you know you can talk to and who won’t interrupt you. Someone you can trust to have YOUR best interests at heart, not theirs. Someone who can help you figure things out without pushing their own solutions…. That’s what a personal life coach can be for you

Through a supportive and safe partnership, a coach helps you figure out what matters the most to you, the goals you want to achieve, whatever they might be, recognize the barriers that are holding you back and design strategies that will lead you to success, on your terms

People seek coaching for various reasons:

•         Untangle the complexity of their life and create simplicity

•         Gain clarity on important issues

•         Build personal leadership skills that support the life they want

•         Have a more balanced life

•         Set goals and develop action plans to achieve them

•         Enhance personal and professional effectiveness

•         Tame procrastination and stay motivated

•         Spiritual growth and transformation

•         Greater self-awareness

•         Increased well-being

•         Manifest what you most want

•         Increased positive energy on all levels

•         Expand your personal power and explore your authentic self

•         Find peace, kindness and joy


Mindfulness and Meditation Training (Personal and Corporate)

Meditation and mindfulness are training for the mind. The practice of mindfulness and meditation allows us to choose our response to events and triggers in our life in a more skillful way, to be more present and enjoy our lives in a calmer, less stressed way


•          Reduces stress

•          Lowers blood pressure

•          Reduces sleeplessness

•          Increases emotional control

•          Increases self-awareness

•          Contributes to greater well being


At work ...

•          Increases productivity by increasing focus, clarity of mind and better time management

•          Improves relationships with others

•          Enhances team effectiveness and meeting efficiency

•          Helps in developing Emotional Intelligence Competencies

•          Supports making better decisions and finding better solutions


Elizabeth offers private coaching sessions. She also offers weekly group meditation sessions in the Niagara on the Lake area. If you prefer to meditate in your own environment, get together a group of minimum 5 people and book Elizabeth for meditation sessions in the privacy of your home. Elizabeth also facilitates workshops for organizations and companies wanting to learn the basics of mindfulness and incorporate it in their culture

"Meditation coaching with Elizabeth and mindfulness has changed my life.  I am more patient and calm when dealing with life's challenges.   Daily meditation has become a touchstone reminding me to take life's frustrating moments in stride and just breathe so that I can respond in a more appropriate and less 'knee jerk' manner.  This has proved very beneficial, particularly when dealing with difficult people and situations."   L.M.
"I am a retired psychiatric nurse who has enjoyed 2 sessions of classes with Coaching for Well Being . I have always been involved with  teaching stress management in my job description. I  taught mindfulness training through dialectical behavioral therapy, but individual sessions with Elizabeth were signifigantly more useful than my previous professional  experience.The experiential part of the sessions on meditation is the best mode of mastering the techniques. I really enjoyed my sessions with Elizabeth and the interactions in the group that followed our practice."  Bonnie Retzik



Transformative Mindfulness

The Transformative Mindfulness process consists of different practical visualizations and exercises that help you transform a personal challenge, whether it is physical or emotional, or even a business one. By engaging the mind in a mindful and conscious way, we unlock a powerful ally to help us with the many challenges we face in our life.  Sometimes, we are so frustrated, discouraged or involved with an issue or challenge that we can’t imagine it can get better. By inviting and allowing our creative mind to help us, we begin the transformative process

Transformative Mindfulness is a four-step process consisting of different practical visualizations and exercises that help you:

•         Transform a personal challenge, whether it is physical or emotional, or even a business  one

•         Resolve an inner conflict

•         Develop and enhance positive qualities you’d like to have more of



Laughter Yoga

Put simply, Laughter Yoga is a very simple, fun, yet powerful stress buster. Based on the idea that the body does not recognize whether you are truly laughing or simulating, when engaged in Laughter Yoga ,the  body releases “ feel good” hormones ... and after a few fake laughs, everyone begins to experience real, contagious laughter.

The benefits are numerous:

·         Reduces stress

·         Improves morale

·         Create and reinforces connection to others

·         Encourages team work

·         Supports overall wellbeing

Laughter Yoga is a perfect addition to offsite corporate meetings, lunch and learn or just to  bring a bit of humour to your workplace.



About Elizabeth Skronski

Elizabeth Skronski is the co-founder of Lightworks for Well Being (personal), and the founder of Coaching for WellBeing and Leadership for Well Being (corporate)

Using proven transformational mindfulness methodologies, she coaches and supports her clients to achieve their professional and personal goals with greater purpose, meaning, happiness and less stress. She also consults with organizations and facilitates workshops on creating a mindful organizational culture that promotes focus and clarity while improving productivity.

Elizabeth holds a B.A. in clinical psychology from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She is a Certified Personal and Executive Developmental Coach. She is also a certified facilitator in Meditation, Transformative Mindfulness, the Five Tibetan Yogas, Laughter Yoga and is a facilitator of the 16 Guidelines, a framework to create a meaningful life, inspiring workplaces, and engaged employees.  Elizabeth received her full certificate in Applied Mindfulness and Meditation from the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work of University of Toronto.


Learn more at www.coachingforwellbeing.com or www.lightworksforwellbeing.com




For more information on any of these services or to book a consultation with Elizabeth, please call 905-351-4337 or elizabeth@coachingforwellbeing.com








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