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Acupuncture     Animal Healing    Aromatherapy   Aromatherapy Lymph Massage      

Botanical Bio-Frequency Testing     Botanical Medicine    

Canadian Forest Tree Essences     Chair Massage     Chakra Clearing      Children's Sports Massage     Colon Hydrotherapy    Corporate Wellness Coach     Counselling     Craniosacral Therapy  

EIS Scan  

Fitness Training   Flower Essence Therapy  

Head Massage     Heilkunst Medicine    Herbal Medicine     Homeopathy

Infant Massage   Ion Cleanse   

LA Stone Massage     Laser Acupuncture     Life Coach     Lymphatic Drainage Massage   

Massage Therapy     Meditation      Myofascial Release


Parasite Cleanse     Pregnancy Massage     

Reflexology     Reiki     Rejuvenating Face Massage    


Tai Chi  Therapeutic Touch   Thermal Palms Massage  Thermography     Traditional Chinese Medicine     Transformative Mindfullness    Tuning Forks Therapy

Wedding Officiant



Health Professionals ...


 Catherine Bradley DHM    Scott Brettell CR   

 Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine   

Geoff Canal  Laura Canal    Jennifer Cox ND

Lori D'Ascenzo   

Enlightened Feelings   

Scott Figueroa ND 

Donata Girolamo ND   Charlene Glaw   Laura Graffi


Hart and Sol Integrative Healthcare    Healing Your Sole   

Heal Yourself Naturally     Healthy Path Homepathy    

Rev. Gail Ingwall (Armitage)  

Tracy Kennedy   Sandra Koch ND     Arden Kozak RMT  Maria Kondarko

Leadership for Wellbeing    Holly Letourneau ND   

Naturopathic Family Practice of Niagara              

Cindy Nilsen      

Seek Within Inspirations   The Silence Within  Spiritual Fitness  The Spiritual Spa

Elizabeth Skronski   

Tara Teal   Thermography Clinic Niagara 

Laurie-Ann Whitnall   Jonah Winters




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Caveat:  for your protection and ours we want you to know the following information:  This website exists as a source of credible information about your natural health care options, to allow you to make informed choices.  The goal of the professionals whose name or links appear on this website are to bring balance and harmony to mind body and soul so that your body can perform its own optimal healing.  Regulating bodies for orthodox medicine and psychotherapy and Health Canada restrict us from making claims about any healing properties in natural products and services.  You should know these restrictions will inhibit your ability to learn which natural products and services may be most beneficial for you.  We can tell you that there have been zero recorded deaths resulting from the use of natural products and services

Certified means properly trained and qualified to practice the discipline.  Licensed means board or government regulated to enforce standards of practice.  There are few natural therapies or services currently licensed/regulated.  Licensed health professionals' services are covered by extended health insurance.  Regulation does not imply that a discipline is superior.  It means no governing bodies exist to set out rules for practice



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