A healthy body is a complex self-cleaning organism with five separate body systems to absorb nutrients and flush out waste materials.  These systems are designed to process organic materials such as food.  They cannot process inorganic substances such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and metals.  These elements accumulate in fatty tissue under your skin, and in your organs and brain.  They obstruct organ functions, cause side-effects, and can form unpredicatble compounds

When organs and digestion are compromised in any way, vital nutrients cannot be absorbed.  Toxins are not eliminated.  Uneliminated toxins, waste materials  and excretions from parasites are re-absorbed into your body.  Toxins in cells block the production of defensive enzymes

It can take years for health to decline to the point where serious health issues begin to surface.  Digestive upset, constipation, headaches, lethargy, depression, cognitive problems, loss of short term memory, PMS, joint inflammation, skin eruptions, carbuncles, allergies, irritability, obesity, cancer and lowered immunity are only a few of the warning signs

A regular cleansing program will eliminate metabolic toxins and parasites and keep your immune system strong.  Be sure to support any detox program with nutritional supplementation

Are you inadvertantly poisoning yourself with toxins from your food, workplace and environment?  read about Inner Pollution and what you can do to stop it


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