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Charlene Glaw, B.Sc.(Psych), Certified Reiki Practitioner
St. Catharines, Ontario
(289) 990-2427

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About Charlene

Hello, my name is Char, and my journey consists of guiding others in discovering that we all have an innate ability to create the life that aligns with our Souls purpose, and identifying some of the blockages that prevent us from expanding in consciousness. I have found that there are obstacles, potentially brought on by various forms of conditioning, that prevent us from discovering our authentic Self; beyond ones' personality. My services are relative to assisting you during your healing process, guidance on how reprogramming limiting subconscious beliefs is life changing, all in the effort to guide you towards your truest potential. What we create in our life sends ripples through the collective-consciousness as a whole. I am also currently majoring in the Science of Psychology in the effort to further understand the Human Psyche.

I strongly feel it is time to bring to our awareness that we have the ability to embrace our creative power and discover our authentic Self, personal freedom and remove the fear based conditioning society imposes upon us. Once we understand the purpose of our emotions, and increase in self-awareness by detaching from inapplicable conditioning, and release detrimental emotions by living in a state of allowing, vs resisting, we can then discover and declare our personal freedom and authentic Creative power.

I am a seeker of wisdom with the intention to inspire others in the effort to raise vibrations and the expansion of the collective consciousness. My YouTube videos will reflect my thoughts and life experiences in the effort to encourage my viewers as well as promote a healthy diet. I am only a seeker with the intention to inspire.

You are a channel by which love, consciousness and The Divine flows through and expresses itself... At your Souls core, you are all three... You are meant to do great things. Know that all the guidance you will ever need is present for you... Seek it within.... ~CharLight


Reiki & Crystal Healing Session 1/HR

Appointments available Mon- Fri 10 am to 1:30 pm & one 7:15 pm evening spot available
$50.00/1hr Session & Cleansing Smudging Session
$20.00/20 min Reiki-Recharge & Cleansing Smudging Session

 Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. I truly focus on cleansing the client of any stagnant energy that no longer serves them. I use various healing techniques during my sessions that you may not find anywhere else. This is a one of a kind Reiki experience! Come spend a moment in a peaceful environment and receive a nice boost of Reiki paired with Crystal Energy to rejuvenate your body, mind and Spirit. <3

I just had a session with Charlene :) It was wonderful and I look forward to future sessions. I love the incorporation of crystals with the Reiki, and that the space was already being prepared for me with crystals. Very nice energy all the way around - thank you Charlene.
~  Lynne E


Shadow Work or Customized Mentoring Package - Deeper Healing

50% payment due upfront, remaining 50% due at 4th session.

5-Session Customized Mentoring ​ Package $300.00 ($60.00 per session) 

Includes a guaranteed total of 10 weeks of availability and guidance (via phone/email) on top of your private sessions. However, you will forever be welcomed to contact me and provide me with updates or asked any questions. Each session is spaced out by 2 weeks and is 90-mins. After each session you will receive homework to complete during the 2-week period.  You will be placed on my emailing list and will receive weekly motivation YouTube videos, blogs or inspiring quotes.​ I do not limit the time I offer you.​ I will put forth my time and dedication towards your Spiritual growth. I desire to see more people to awaken within and reflect outward into the collective consciousness. 

Non-Package price is $70.00 per 90-min session.

1 90-minute session I will include that one-on-one time along with my mentoring services by providing guidance, technique, advice and availability to you via phone/email for 2 weeks.
2 90-minute sessions, I will then provide 4 weeks of my mentoring service via phone/email
So on…

Spiritual Mentoring
We all heal and find our path in various ways. When I do mentoring, I am usually focused on discovering what limiting beliefs or Shadows of the past are projecting themselves and hindering spiritual growth; resulting in pain or suffering. I feel many answers reside within our Subconscious (and other facets of the mind) as we have been downloading programs from our life experience since birth. Many of which have a large impact on our lives and we may not even be consciously aware of the power of the subconscious and how it runs our life. The good news is, all those repressed emotions, limiting beliefs and comfort zones can be updated and reprogrammed. I incorporate Muscle testing (PSYCHE-K) methods in order to communicate with the subconscious, and rewire those limiting beliefs hidden within which can have a powerful influence on how we experience our daily lives and perceive the world around us. Contact me to learn more and if this method is for you.

What is Shadow Work?

Very Deep Personal sessions were we dig down to the root of the cause of ones' personal struggles and life challenges. What is Shadow work? Shadow work is based on Psychologist Carl Jung's Jungian Theory of Archetypes, and there are various approaches to it. According to this theory, the Shadow refers to the things that are hidden within our unconscious mind it is a mental complex that is defined by Carl Jung as any parts of ones’ personality that is rejected by the Ego-consciousness. Essentially, the result of Shadow work is the acceptance of all that we are and have experienced, and not the denying or ignoring of it. The Shadow may hold suppressed emotions, and even suppressed talents. "What we resists, persists" stems from the Jungian Theory. It has little to do with the 'feel' of the word shadow, it is just the terminology used to describe such phenomenon because you do not "See" the shadow consciously. So those that do Shadow work understand there are unconscious influences that result in conscious emotions and actions, and often times they are over looked throughout the healing process. One can lead down a path of authentic richness by acknowledging their Shadows. By hearing their cry for help, rather than resisting them, which only further perpetuates the issue, the path to healing becomes far more effective.

"I'm very grateful for my experience with Charlene. She was a light in the dark spot of my life. Her energy influenced on me right away - I felt uplifted after first session with Charlene! I was impressed by her homework assignment methods, the homework seemed to be designed exactly for me and I was excited to do it. Charlene put a lot of thoughts and intuition in our sessions. Her techniques were very interesting and helpful. I got great support in my work with my shadows and changing my old beliefs, which didn't served me anymore. I'm thankful for your work, time and soul, Charlene!"~G, St. Catharines


Yang Style Tai Chi with Char

First Class is FREE!

$30.00 5 Class Punch Card (adults) $7.00 Drop-in

$5.00 Children's Class or 5 Class punch card get 1 class free!

$4.00 Seniors

For $120.00 try Char's 8 week Tai Chi program! Unlimited classes, minimum twice a week!


Tai Chi is often referred to as “meditation in motion” because the slow and steady sequential movements help in assisting spiritual cultivation, and initiates connection of the mind and body. Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion. Though its roots date back to ancient China as a practice for self-defense, Tai Chi has evolved into an effective way to reduce stress, among many other health benefits. Tai Chi Yang Style 8-form is low-intensity and will cover the basic movements. There are more advanced forms to follow. Also incorporated in this class is the practice of Ba Duan Jin Qi (Gi) Gong, which is done in the beginning of each class as a warm up. It has been proved that the practice of Ba Duan Jin improves the respiratory system, limb strength, and flexibility of the joints, and fortifies the nerves, as well as enhances the general balance. My mission is to teach the healing power of Tai Chi Chuan to all of my students and I will show you that with patience, time, and dedication you can bring a sense of inner and outer peace into your everyday existence.





Charlene has radiant energy and a beautiful spirit. I am happy to see her expand her gifts and be willing to share them with others! I can't wait for another Reiki session and Charlene's readings are accurate and resonate deeply with my life's lessons and experiences. ~ Jolene R.

I had no idea what to expect and the entire experience was profoundly amazing!! Charlene possesses such a great skill and I am so pleased to know her in my life. This world is a better place with the energy she brings to it. Definitely will be seeing her again. ~ Jennifer S.

This Beautiful Spirit has lead me to see what I have always known! She helped me to wake up to this expanding light which we are all in, that is what is!
~ Vickie M.


"Know the world in yourself. Never look for yourself in the world, for this would be to project your illusion..." Egyptian Proverbs


Seek Within Inspirations

Charlene Glaw, B.Sc.(Psych), Certified Reiki Practitioner
St. Catharines, Ontario
(289) 990-2427
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