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Are you unwittingly poisoning yourself?
25 Oct 2013


by Lori E. D'Ascenzo


ARE YOU UNWITTINGLY POISONING YOURSELF? Poisons, chemicals, metals, synthetics, pharmaceuticals, and refined foods are common hazards of our modern lifestyles. We can't avoid them. High stress lifestyles, urban living, modern medical practices, and convenience groceries just naturally foster an internal garbage dump. Even suppressed negative emotions can hold toxins within the body.

Although metals, environmental poisons, pharmaceuticals and narcotics are obviously dangerous, the body's natural wastes can be just as deadly.  METABOLIC TOXINS not eliminated from lymph nodes, bowels, lungs and kidneys ARE A TIME-RELEASE POISON!

Blessed with five separate and very specific systems for absorbing nutrients and flushing out various waste materials, the body is a very sophisticated self-cleaning organism. But, when any of its delicate elimination systems become blocked, overloaded, or dysfunctional, waste materials start to back up and are then re-absorbed into the body.

The result is a host of common maladies that few people associate with retention of their own waste materials. Headaches, fatigue or lethargy, depression, hair loss, abnormal blood pressure, neck, leg or back stiffness or pain, skin eruptions including acne, allergies, body odours, gas, weight gain or obesity, poor memory or concentration, food cravings, coldness, swelling, infections and frequent colds or flu, sinus problems, arthritis, toxemia or septicemia, irritability, coughing, heart problems and cancer are some of the common warnings of auto-intoxication.

Alarmingly, Niagara's colon, stomach and rectal cancer rates are the highest in the province. Even children are susceptible to toxic build-up. Obvious clues include behavioral or learning problems, lethargy, hyperactivity.

While the kidneys eliminate about 70% of the body's wastes, the most important elimination system is the bowel. Normally, the body should eliminate food waste products approximately eighteen hours after consumption. As often as you eat a substantial meal, you should have a corresponding bowel movement. That can mean two or three times a day. If this is not your normal regimen, you are experiencing dangerous toxic build-up.

But, you can have regular bowel movements and still have problem areas in your colon. Like a kitchen drain, over time the bowel walls become encrusted with residual fecal matter, hampering the absorption of vital nutrients. Anywhere from 5 to 40 pounds of matter may accumulate, distorting the colon and causing weight gain. In fact, fecal matter may have been petrifying within your intestinal tract for up to thirty years!

Have you ever smelled chicken or pork that has sat in the garbage overnight? Imagine that in your intestinal tract for two or more days! It provides a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and parasites. These organisms excrete their own putrid waste materials into your intestinal tract. Blood capillaries lining the bowel absorb all these toxins into the bloodstream, polluting other organs and cells, and lodging in fat reserves.

The most common cause of intestinal auto-intoxication is constipation. This develops from not enough water, poor diet, over-consumption, eating too quickly or late at night, stress, antibiotics or pharmaceuticals, internal parasites, and lack of exercise. Most of us are guilty of at least a few of these contributing factors.

Foods do not digest themselves. They require a complex combination of enzymes, acids and alkalines to break down their composition. Over-cooked, refined, low in fibre, or oil-coated foods lack the necessary enzymes or bulk to assist in proper digestion. Meats and eggs are difficult to digest because of their proteins. As a result, they remain decaying in the intestinal tract too long and putrefy. Cheeses and many dairy products also hamper digestion. They coat the mucus linings, preventing proper food absorption.

Over-eating, snacking late at night, or consuming food while in an agitated state over-works the digestive system. Unable to produce enough digestive chemicals to process what has been eaten, undigested food then lodges in the lower intestines. Nutritional value is wasted.

Also, when the elimination channels are underactive or overworked, toxic materials enter the blood and lymph systems too quickly to be cleaned out by the liver and immune system. They settle in the weaker organs and tissues, restricting function. This leaves the body vulnerable to virus or infection.

Lack of exercise lowers the entire metabolic efficiency by slowing circulation of cleansing body fluids within the lymphatic system, as well as reducing oxygen intake. Since the lymphatic system has no pump of its own, it relies on breathing, blood pressure, and intestinal muscular contractions to move its fluids along. Stagnant lymph fluids allow toxins to be re-introduced into the body and often manifest as bloating, swelling and water retention.

Fresh, clean water is crucial to flushing out wastes and toxins, since it is the basic component of both the bloodstream and the lymphatic system. As a universal solvent, water picks up traces of everything with which it comes in contact. It becomes even more aggressive when all of its trace elements are removed through purification such as Reverse Osmosis or distillation.

Your body uses and processes so much water, you lose about a gallon a day. In fact, your body water is replaced completely every 5-10 days!

To calculate your individual requirements, divide your body weight in half. This is the number of fluid ounces you need daily. More is required when toxins are being dislodged via some type of healing modality or dietary cleanse.

Daily digestion alone requires 6 quarts, plus another 3 pints for saliva. Warm or hot water tends to be directed into the intestinal tract, softening the stools. Lemon acts as a diuretic. Adding it to your water will help to flush out the kidneys and bladder. But, avoid drinking cold water with or shortly after a meal. It will dilute the digestive juices.

Antibiotics are particularly nasty causes of toxic build-up. Their function is to kill bacteria in the body. Unfortunately, they suppress many other organisms, including the essential bacteria needed to break down food in the intestines. This puts the entire intestinal eco-system out of balance. Unless friendly bacteria are quickly re-established, up to 85% of the bacteria that return will be damaging. Ingesting yogurt, miso, or acidophilus will help to replenish healthy flora.

We regularly ingest artificially-processed foods, sweeteners, food additives and preservatives. Artificial steroids, hormones and chemicals fed to animals and poultry accumulates in their bodies in much the same way as it does in ours. When we eat meat, we ingest these substances. Since an animal experiences great fear anticipating its death, we also ingest high quantities of adrenalin present in the meat.

The body is not designed to assimilate or process synthetic substances. Refined foods, chemicals, metals and pharmaceuticals, cannot be broken down or eliminated. Instead many of these substances lodge deep within the organs, particularly the liver or kidneys, building up until they eventually hamper organ functions or react adversely to each other and to other substances. It can take up to twenty years for a severe reaction to occur, and it is often triggered by compounding with another chemical, which means the original cause is rarely pinpointed.

Pharmaceuticals top the list of substances the body cannot absorb. Therefore, proper detoxification is especially important following medication or chemotherapy.  Fermented soya called miso, effectively clears radiation poisoning, as does blue-green algae.


Dangerous metals and chemicals enter our body in the most surprising ways. For instance, heavy metals can be inhaled. Particles pass directly to the brain via the olfactory senses. Steel workers and welders are especially at risk.

Metals and environmental chemicals also lodge in the liver and the skin's fatty tissues. Their slow, cumulative effect allows us to become accustomed to a lowered state of vitality and health without suspecting the cause. Homeopathic remedies are the best recourse, since herbs alone cannot remove toxins from the brain or under the skin.

Lead is present in white sugar through the refining process. It is also in many common products including the solder of canned foods, as well as in hair dyes. Lead is a prominent cause of behavioral and learning problems, including aggressive and delinquent behavior in children.

Plastic containers and wraps, particularly when microwaved, release chemicals that mimic hormones. Along with environmental toxins, these substances send messages to the body as well as alter our genetics. While the direct damage to you may superficially appear minimal, you pass the on effects to your offspring through DNA. This becomes most evident at adulthood through conditions such as lowered fertility and under-developed sexual organs. The disastrous effects of what you eat now won't be evident for twenty years!

Sodium Fluoride, common in tooth paste, affects the immune system by shutting down the thyroid for twelve hours. As it passes through your body it lodges in the right kidney, where other poisonous metals also accumulate. Recents studies have also concluded that sodium fluoride actually weakens and damages the teeth of children.

Nickel is used in the hydrogenation of oils, margarine and fats. Every tumor needs nickel to bind it together.

Aluminum is an extreme nerve toxin, building up in neural tissue, particularly within the brain. Antiperspirants contain it, as do antacids, baking powder and toothpaste. And, if you drink pop and beer from cans you are regularly ingesting aluminum.

Mercury, also a nerve toxin, is commonly found in tooth fillings, as is arsenic. Slowly absorbed into the body, mercury settles in the brain, nerves, lungs, kidneys and lymph system, causing a wide variety of neurological and behavioral disorders, as well as immune reactions that can take years to manifest. Headaches, muscle pain and digestive problems are also among its symptoms. Chronic Fatigue is now being traced back to metal toxicity.

Arsenic settles in the muscles, often creating chronic backaches that resist treatment. Asbestos, a carcinogen, is an ingredient in baby powder.

Chlorine, present in all municipal water supplies, swimming pools, and a myriad of consumer products including sea salt, accumulates within the body's fat. Chlorine is used to kill living organisms. What do you think it is doing to your living tissue? Among other problems, it can cause hormonal disruptions as well as damage to the liver, kidneys, and skin. When combined with ingested fats, it forms a gummy substance that accumulates in the arteries. There is some compelling data as to its role in cancer. Along with other chemicals, we inhale and absorb more chlorine into our body in a ten minute shower than if we had ingested two litres of water!

Of the skin's surface areas, the feet and hands secrete and absorb the most toxins. When your skin erupts in any way it is trying to move out excess toxins from a specific organ. The colour, tone & condition of the skin, particularly on the face, will indicate the state of all the organs, and can be analyzed professionally to determine problem areas. The iris of the eyes is also a good indicator.

Deep lines and creases, eruptions, and skin colour provide some good clues to your inner state. For instance, creases between the eyebrows indicate inadequate liver function. Bladder or large intestine problems can cause the hairline to recede. Problems with the kidneys show up as bagginess or dark colouring around the eyes. Pimples on the chin reveal imbalance in the sexual organs, whereas pimples on the forehead point to the intestines. Puffiness or swelling anywhere indicates a lymph blockage. Pain just under the cheekbones is one symptom of auto-intoxication. Root canals create an ongoing toxic condition, because poisons are trapped indefinitely.

Infections of Candida erupt the skin in relation to the area affected.   For instance, the shoulders point to the digestive tract. If the lungs are infected, the back or chest will erupt. Candida may also cause itchiness all over your body. Heavy metal poisoning makes the front of the legs itchy.

These are only a few of the many clues that can reveal emerging or existing problems. See a qualified iridologist, naturopath, symptomologist or organ/skin correlation consultant to receive a full analysis.

So, what can we do to counteract or eliminate dangerous toxic build-up?

While proper physical maintenance is the best solution, due to lifestyle many people have already reached a critical juncture in their health and now need help to reverse specific problems. Conscientious bowel management will go a long way toward ensuring maximum all-round health.

Unfortunately, most people don't know how to fit this into their lifestyle, nor are they willing to change. Instead, they wait until something breaks down and then try to fix it, often by synthetic quick-fix means. Some sort of compromise might be the most practical solution. A few simple adjustments could actually enhance your daily routine, impart vitality, and feel like a treat instead of a chore!

Since the bowel has no sensory nerve endings, it cannot communicate when it is out of order. Instead, when one section is blocked or over-loaded for a period of time, physical symptoms will manifest in an entirely different location, usually via the lymph system. Each section of the bowel corresponds directly to a specific organ or part of the body. Outside of constipation or diarrhea, ill health is really the only way to tell when a bowel dysfunction exists.

To begin with, artificial laxatives should be avoided, since they introduce poisons or irritants into the body. The intestines react by evacuating the offending substance and the impacted feces is eliminated in the process. These poisonous irritants are often absorbed into the lymph and blood vessels, travelling to all parts of the body. Depending on the laxative, they can keep the bowel tired and overworked, weakening its natural contractions until eventually the bowel has to rely on artificial stimulants in order to work.

There are tastier and more natural laxatives...Hot water lubricates the bowel. Add lemon as a diuretic. Cold, strong peppermint or anise tea, fresh ginger or thyme, yogurt, aloevera, licorice, sunflowers or other seeds, rhubarb, and foods high in bulk, potassium, enzymes and pectin such as the skins and seeds of apples, figs, grapes, grapefruit or prunes will help the bowel function at higher capacity, as will fibre cereals. Psyllium, flax or chia seeds provide bulk. But, remember: the more fibre or bulk you ingest, the more water you need to drink. Bulk often also produces gas as it ferments.

When experiencing constipation, wait at least an hour in the morning and exercise or move around before you eat, so that your bowel will have time to begin functioning. At least temporarily eliminate from your diet foods irritating and difficult to digest, such as meat, chocolate, cheese, nuts, soda crackers, refined flour and sugar, coffee, and over-cooked foods.

Consider adding digestive enzymes and acidophilus to your diet to help break down your food more completely. Colloidal magnesium, as found in mineral water or Milk of Magnesia, will also aid intestinal absorption. Chlorophyll is also an important cleansing ingredient. You can add liquid chlorophyll to water, or receive its benefits through superfoods such as blue/green algae and spirulina, or barley and wheat grass.

If necessary, look for herbal laxatives available at health food stores. Several have the added benefits of cleansing as well as evacuating the bowel. Often they provide nutrients as a bonus. Common laxative herbs are psyllium, cascara, capsicum, or slippery elm. If pregnant or lactating, be sure to read the label first. You will need a safe herbal or homeopathic preparation specially formulated for pregnancy.

Periodic fasting or mono-dieting will help to keep the bowel flushed and relatively free of toxic materials. Occasional fasting is like a vacation for your body! It allows the organs of elimination to rest, replenishes friendly bacteria, and resets the proper pH in the intestines. As energy is freed from digestion, it can be directed toward cleansing and rejuvenating the lymph system. While some ill effects will be felt at first, these are the result of toxins coming to the surface. The end result is renewed vigor.

There are many kinds of healthy fasts utilizing fresh juices or raw fruits and vegetables and lots and lots of water. Essentially, a vegetarian diet requires a fast that removes excess water from the system, while a meat diet needs juices. Ask at your health food store for books or directions. Books like Inner Cleansing by Carlson Wade discuss common foods that flush out toxins.

Spring is an especially ideal time to cleanse your system because winter diets contain less fresh vegetables and more heavy, heat-producing foods that sludge up the digestive system. Keep in mind that, while some effects will be immediate, it takes more than a year for any permanent alteration in diet to produce a noticeable change in the intestinal flora or condition of the bowel.

As the body's largest internal organ, the liver is essential to virtually aspect of the metabolism. Its primary function is to process all nutrients, toxins, chemicals, metals, poisons or synthetic substances entering the body. An overly congested liver is a major factor in the presence of allergies, depression and sensitivity to wheat products. Lines or creases between the eyebrows will alert you to a liver problem.

More than 70 liver-damaging poisons have been identified in the workplace. If you have been exposed to pharmaceuticals, alcohol or drugs, nicotine, or chemotherapy your liver is toxic. Even common aspirin, acetaminophen and tetracycline are toxic to your metabolism. Regular liver cleansing and strengthening will have a positive impact, not only on the body, but on your emotions and mental acuity, as well.

Young, bitter greens, such as dandelion and rapini neutralize harmful body acids and help to clean sludge out of the liver, as do beets. Teas made from stinging nettle, elderberry, artichoke or dandelion root are great for cleansing and toning the liver. In particular, milk thistle will protect the liver from virtually all types of damage, including pollution, alcohol, drugs and hepatitis. Green, leafy green vegetables, blue-green algae and herbs high in chlorophyll aid in drawing toxins and heavy metals out through the stool rather than through the skin.

A Native American herbal tea medley, commonly referred to as Essiac or Rene Caisse blend, is an excellent overall detoxifier and can be ingested regularly or as a fast. It is prepared in quantity and consumed one ounce at a time, cold or hot. However, it should not be used by pregnant or lactating women.

The herb Echinacea neutralizes excess acid in the blood associated with stagnant lymph fluids. It also stimulates the body's natural defense mechanisms.

The late great healer Edgar Cayce often recommended hot castor oil packs placed on the abdomen. This way the oil is absorbed topically into the body. In Sandra Duggan's comprehensive book Edgar Cayce's Colon Care you will discover the how-to's.

If you must eat meat, use organic and cook with ginger or garlic to offset its toxic effects. Also, it is important to cleanse the kidneys before any other type of detox is undertaken, since they will carry the burden of the majority of waste removal. Purified water with fresh lemon, cool chamomile or lemon verbena tea, parsley, dandelion greens, watermelon seeds, and essiac are safe and natural diuretics. Epsom salts and various herbal preparations may be more purgative and should therefore be used under direction. Many prescription diuretics such as Cumadin seriously deplete potassium and upset your electrolyte balance.

Parasite removal may also be necessary, since the continued excretions of living organisms will only create recurrent problems. Parasite infestation is a lot more common and easily contracted than you think. One out of every four North Americans has them! Organisms can be absorbed through the skin as well as ingested via water or common foods such as meat and fruits or vegetables.

Specific herbal or homeopathic parasite removal preparations are available from your health food store or holistic practitioner. They take about a month to complete and the costs range upwards from about $35. Many of them will also kill candida present in the body. However, alcohol cannot be consumed, nor should they be taken by pregnant women.

Garlic, wormwood, black walnut hulls, pumpkin seeds, grapefruit seed extract, chaparral and hot spices such as thyme, cayenne or curry also help to regularly control worms and parasites. Fruits and vegetables should always be thoroughly washed in diluted grapefruit seed extract, peroxide, or tea tree oil to kill viruses, fungus, and bacteria, and to prevent parasite infestation. A squeeze of fresh lime juice also kills bacteria. Drink only purified or filtered water.

Colon hydrotherapy and enemas may seem like a drastic measure, but regular bowel cleansing can prevent or reverse a wide range of health conditions. While the subject may make you squeamish, it is not near-ly so uncomfortable or inconvenient as you might think. Especially ideal for people unable to exercise regularly, seniors, pregnant women, Chronic Fatigue sufferers, or those injured or incapacitated, diverticulitis is the only contra-indication.

There are books to show you how to perform a colenema in the comfort of your own home, however, a trained professional will be able to examine the excretions and advise you as to dietary conditions, parasites, infections or candida, and the general condition of your elimination canal.

It will take more than one procedure to begin to dislodge the older encrusted fecal matter. For the average person at least three colonics are recommended over a period of weeks. Then, a regular maintenance program of once every three to six months should suffice. Results may include a profound cleanliness and lightness, renewed energy and mental alertness, and occasionally even an emotional release followed by a sense of well-being.

The procedure consists of three sterile warm water infusions, each containing different substances. A gentle massage is also applied to the abdomen to help dislodge the hardened materials. Beginning from lower left massage upwards and then across the abdomen, then back down the right side.

The entire process takes about 45 minutes, and does not require any particular preparation beforehand or after, although you might not want to eat gaseous foods like beans. Men are even provided with a unique type of underwear to protect their modesty! The first lavage contains magnesium to relax the bowel. The second contains coffee to stimulate the liver and pancreas to dump, as well as to irritate the bowel into undulating. The final lavage, usually containing chlorophyll, cleanses and refreshes.

Colonics' only limitation is that they cannot reach the entire intestinal tract or totally cleanse the mucous membranes. They work only on the final 5' of the large intestine. Supplementing with some type of fasting or a chlorophyll-laden food will complete the intestinal cleanse. Some people feel tired immediately after the procedure. In rare cases there may be irritation of the mucous membranes or weakening of the intestinal muscles due to repeated expansion.

Lymphatic drainage treatments are another great way to keep your system eliminating its waste products. They are also a real treat!

The lymph system is the body's second circulatory system and actually carries 80% of the body's fluids. A vast and complex array of vessels and nodes covering the body, the lymph system works in conjunction with the kidneys to flush out waste materials and toxins from the cells. Unlike blood, the lymph system has no pump of its own. It relies on the forces of breathing and blood circulation to massage the fluids along its length.

Because the lymph nodes trap toxins, viruses, infections, and cancer cells until they can be eliminated, it is important that they be continuously flushed. Without this, lethargy, swelling or headaches, and eventually illness occur.

Manual massage may be required to stimulate the process or remove blockages. However, the vessels are so sensitive that they can be compressed at the slightest touch. Lymphatic Massage is a highly specialized, light massage technique performed by a registered Massage Therapist or Aromatherapist. Very relaxing and soothing, it utilizes aromatherapy oils to penetrate and detoxify the body. The oils should be left on for at least four hours following the treatment to allow them to gradually soak in.

Another method of lymphatic drainage involves the use of soft suction. Placed strategically on the skin, an apparatus pulls body wastes along the lymphatic system. Aromatherapy oils are first applied to heat the tissue and break down cellulite deposits. Massage then clears the lymph nodes, allowing further drainage. The procedure takes 1 1/4 hours.

Body wraps and body contouring use herbal creams or algae and seaweed to penetrate deep into the fatty tissues where many toxins lodge. By wrapping the body in natural fabrics and using heat-inducing herbs, circulation is increased and toxins are quickly flushed out. Wraps can be done on just one area, or the whole body. A treatment will take from 1 1/2 to 2 relaxing hours including preparation. Home kits are available to enhance the treatments. As a bonus, you could experience weight reduction of up to 14" in the first session!

Following any method of lymph drainage it is important to drink at least a gallon of water over twenty-four hours to flush out the toxins that have been lifted. Avoid alcohol, salty, spicy, sugary, oily or fatty foods, as these retain water. Expect a thirty to forty minute consultation on your initial appointment, to obtain a medical history. Lymphatic drainage is not advised for those suffering from cancer, thrombosis or varicose veins.

In the case of metals, it is not enough to remove the offending substance from the diet or environment. Heavy metals do not leave the body, but settle permanently into organs and tissue, including the brain. Removing them generally requires herbal or homeopathic remedies that address a specific metal.

However, there are some foods that are also effective in certain cases. High fibre foods, especially those containing pectin such as fruit, help to remove lead. Calcium displaces lead. Garlic and red cabbage also seem to help. Poppy seeds work on nickel, but they must be consumed daily for at least two months. Arsenic succumbs to Piconcillo, a Mexican sugar. Overall, the best solution is to visit your health food store, naturopath, or homeopath for advice. They can offer natural preparations such as Metalogen or Hanna Krueger's Metaline that work on several different metals simultaneously.

One of the best and cheapest natural methods to remove the body's wastes is sweating.Don't be afraid to persire! In addition being a body coolant, sweat is excreted toxins. That is why it smells! Don't clog up your sweat glands with anti-perspirants. Where do you expect those toxins to go, if your body can't eliminate them? Instead, use natural elements like allum or baking soda. Allum rock, sometimes called the "deodorant rock" works when moistened and rubbed on the skin.

Exercise vigorously to get the lymph fluids circulating. Jumping up and down, via a trampoline or skipping, for example, forces the lymph fluids through one-way valves along the lymph system. Regularly sauna or attend a native sweat lodge. Drink diaphoretic teas such as lemon balm or catnip. Take detoxifying hot baths using either chaparral, epsom salts, sea-weed or aromatherapy oils. Since these substances will flush out toxins so efficiently, it is a good idea to rest for twenty minutes following your soak. Use a loofah or dry brush regularly to exfoliate and to draw toxins up through the skin.

Any cleansing program by its nature will cause your body's systems to dump their wastes. The key to a successful detox is to eliminate these wastes as quickly and completely as possible. Flush your kidneys before you begin any detox. Drink plenty of water and ease into your program as gradually as possible by physically preparing the body. Increase your nutritional intake to compensate for the body's stress and energy loss. Gradually eliminate meats, fish and as much dairy products as possible from your diet for at least five days prior. Then, following your cleanse, ease back into your regular regimen or diet gradually. Without these precautions, the release of toxins can be overwhelming and stressful.

Keep in mind that toxins may be layered, so they may take many years to completely eliminate. While the suggestions offered are safe to try on your own, if you are not having much success, or if you have many health problems or are on medication, you may need some assistance or guidance. Consult a naturopath, homeopath, ayurvedic practitioner, iridologist, herbologist or phytologist for expert advice.

As toxins begin to be eliminated from the body, often a "healing crisis" occurs temporarily. Don't stop your detoxification process because you think it is making you ill! This natural process is a result of toxins being lifted to the surface, where they can affect the body with full force. Reactions take place during the body's dramatic efforts to eliminate the offending substances and regenerate.

Problems that originally manifested ten to thirty years prior may resurface, since cures always start in reverse order as the symptoms first appeared. Headaches, skin eruptions, fatigue or lethargy, cloudy eyes, coated tongue, dizziness, allergies or runny nose, aches and pains are all common. Symptoms range from mild to severe, depending on the degree of auto-intoxication, and will take up to five days to completely disappear. Layered or very heavy toxins may take much longer to remove. After that expect increased vitality, greater emotional balance, and overall improved health.~~

Lori D'Ascenzo


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