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25 Oct 2013

Many people hesitate to choose a natural health practitioner through advertisements, websites or the yellow pages. It is natural to be reluctant to spend our money on someone whose ability we don't know and aren't certain we can trust--whether that person is an auto mechanic, or an appliance repairman.

While recommendations and referrals by others are often best, our individual experience with holistic health is influenced by subtle, subjective factors. A healer that is exceptional for one person may not be ideal for another. Ultimately, only YOU can decide what feels right for you.

So, how do you choose?

Begin by interviewing a practitioner in person or over the telephone to see if they are compatible with your needs and personality. Don’t be shy. It is your health and you have a right to ask questions. In the process of asking about fees, the practitioner's qualifications and unique skills, the duration of your session, what to wear for your appointment, and what to expect from your treatment, you will determine whether or not you feel comfortable with that individual. Be sure to ask about location, services offered, and whether you could experience a healing crisis.


As a rule, holistic practitioners are not like traditional medical professionals.

The goal of natural health is to educate you about your body, not to make you feel foolish or incompetent. Practitioners are more than happy to discuss your health concerns, answer your questions, and explain the nature of their therapies in a friendly and down-to-earth manner. They understand that you are trying to determine a healing modality that will work for your particular problem. They genuinely want to help you. They will not try to sell you on their product or technique if they know that it is not right for you. They are definitely NOT sales people. They are healers.

Instead, they may refer you to a more suitable therapist. Their business is essentially built on referrals. Endorsements only come from satisfied clients, so they will not waste your time or their own if they cannot help you!

Also, it is important to realize that the more your body or emotions are blocked, the less sensitive you will be to any physical sensations, changes or improvements. Cigarette smoking, alcohol  and drugs can also dull the senses.  Just because you do not feel anything initially does not mean the technique is not working!

It is also important to understand that natural therapies may trigger a "healing crisis", causing you to initially feel worse before you feel better.  That is because holistic healing modalities purge and clear the body on many levels. As a result, occasionally old symptoms may temporarily re-occur, often in the reverse order that they originally manifested. Or you may experience flu-like symptoms, headaches, achiness or fatigue.

Buried emotions may also surface. This will happen particularly if you have taken a lot of pharmaceuticals over the years, and if you are not careful to flush out toxins as they surface during and immediately after the healing. However, this is only temporary and is really a very good sign that the therapy is actually working.

It is vitally important to drink plenty of water and evacuate the kidneys and bowels often for at least 24 hours following each treatment. Once the body is completely cleared of toxins, a renewed vitality and strength will arise. You will be amazed at what good health really feels like, and discover that lethargy, fatigue, achiness and recurring ill health are really not a normal part of life! ~

Lori D'Ascenzo


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