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--Futuristic Healing Using Electro-Magnetic Energy
25 Oct 2013

Basic physics teaches us that everything in existence is made up of gazillions of teeny tiny atoms.  We may know this intellectually, but do we truly understand what that means? 

Atoms are units of energy. They are invisibly to the eye, or even to the microscope.  But, they create everything that exists from the tiniest single-celled amoeba to entire planets.  That's right...You and I are entirely made up of atoms. 

That means you are not really a physical being.  In reality you are an ENERGY being!  That is an overwhelming concept to accept and understand, when we've always been taught that we are physical beings.  So, why then do we FEEL like physical beings? 

Imagine a bicycle wheel.  Even though a bicycle wheel is made of thin spokes, as it rapidly spins, the wheel appears to be solid.  If you tried to stick your finger into the spinning wheel, it would feel pretty solid, too!  

That is why your body looks and feel solid!  Trillions of wildly vibrating atoms create that illusion, just like spinning bicycle wheel spokes.  But, physical mass really only occupies a billionth of your being! Your body 'sticks together' because of the electro-magnetic field surrounding each atom.  

Every atom is basically comprised of 3 parts—electrons, protons and neutrons.  Electrons carry a negative charge.  Protons have a positive charge.  When they combine, they form a neutron.  Extra (unpaired) electrons create an electro-magnetic field as they gravitate to the perimeter of the atom, searching to pair up.  This is the basic ‘glue’ that holds you together.

Research has shown that electromagnetic fields bind cells to one another. Energy transfers commands instantly throughout the body. It acts as the catalyst for all chemical reactions and bodily functions.     

The Chinese were first to acknowledge the existence of a sustained flow of electromagnetic energy traversing the body. They discovered a complex network of twenty-two electrical "conduits" that circulated energy and neural impulses throughout the body from the vital organs. By examining the quality of energy flow and its relationship to the specific nature of each organ's functions, they were able to determine a system that could maintain homeokinesis—a balanced flow.  You know this as Acupuncture.

There are more than 1,000 points where electrical pathways or meridians pass close to the skin. The ear alone has in excess of 100 sites! These are the points used in all energy therapy.

We now have the technology to detect and monitor these electrical energies.  In fact, quantum science has advanced to such a degree that we have now discovered consciousness—our innate intelligence—resides within our unpaired electrons--not within the brain as previously believed. Everything we think, everything we believe, each experience we perceive, and the total sum of our evolution is recorded within our electromagnetic field!

This discovery renders moot everything we have previously believed about genetics and how the body functions independent of thought and emotion. It is really this innate energetic intelligence that programs our DNA and triggers the release of protein chemicals to command responses within the body. Consequently, this is where treatment must begin if we are to affect complete, permanent healing.

The Chinese have acknowledged and respected this for over 7,000 years. Western cultures are only now beginning to catch on.

Why do you need Energy Therapies?

When restricted, energy backs up like a dam, creating pressure and excess in some areas and weakness or deficiency in others. A concentration of protons condenses in the wrong places, impeding the flow of electrons through the major channels of the body. Some areas of the body become starved for energy, while others are over stimulated.

Consequently, energy imbalances will produce symptoms and pain without obvious answers to the cause. What's more, a restriction or blockage in one area can affect an entirely different location or even the entire body!

Energy therapies use manipulation, interaction and stimulation of electromagnetic fields to produce numerous physiological responses within the body. They re-establish the correct speed and orientation of electrons and excite photons within the cells. In other words, they reduce free radicals and increase vitality.

Neural pathways are activated. The body begins to communicate with itself. Electrical activity triggers the release of beneficial neuro-peptides and hormones, including pain-relieving endorphins. Neuro-peptides command every internal regulating system.

Electromagnetic energy also attracts oxygen-rich hemoglobin to damaged tissue. Oxygen is nature’s antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. It is cancer’s enemy. The immune system and entire lymph and digestive tracts are stimulated while proper pH is restored. Toxins are quickly expelled as cellular activity becomes optimized.

Overall, the body’s natural healing ability is accelerated by 250%! As endorphins flood the body, profound relaxation ensues. Emotional and physical well-being are enhanced. What could be a more ideal treatment for virtually any disease or illness?

Unlike orthodox forms of treatment, Energy Therapies are performed WITH you—not TO you. Their purpose is to optimize your own body functions so that natural healing rapidly occurs and your body’s ability to defend itself is greatly enhanced. Since they address consciousness at its source, they simultaneously facilitate emotional and psychological healing.

Completely safe, Energy Therapies can be used as an adjunct to other treatment, or as a preventative or maintenance measure. Disrobing is not required. Some therapists will travel to hospital, home or business. You can even give a gift of feeling better with gift certificates. Be sure to drink plenty of water before and after any treatment for grounding and to flush out cellular toxins that will surface.~

Lori E. D'Ascenzo

Lori D'Ascenzo


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