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Our Dangerous Attraction
25 Oct 2013


by Lori E. D'Ascenzo


We all love modern technology. No matter what, we would never relinquish its benefits. Technology allows us speed and convenience. It gives us access to new horizons and vistas. It provides ways to test our intelligence and imaginations. It removes countless boundaries and limitations and puts the whole world at our disposal. Most of all, it allows us to make lots of money!

Unfortunately, modern technology also has an insidious and altogether dangerous side effect. As we have plunged ahead boldly and at breakneck speed, we have, for the most part, neglected to investigate or consider all the consequences or effects that are born of our creations. We are only just beginning to become aware of the long term price we will all have to pay for the benefits we have derived.

Throughout history man has sensed there were healthy and unhealthy locations on which to live. He sought out power spots and energy vortexes on which to erect churches or shrines to take advantage of the focused natural energy. Man intuitively understood that wherever energy travels, it creates a magnetic field. But modern culture is largely ignorant of these natural energies and, as a result, man has ignored the danger and built in unhealthy places.

Magnetic fields occur as a result of the earth's molten inner core rotating at a different speed than the solid outer layer. As iron passes between the earth's poles, electricity is generated. Electricity has a magnetic field resulting from unpaired electrons which orbit the perimeter of each atom. Their search for a positive charge with which to pair causes an electro-magnetic field.

Directed by the magnetic poles and natural flow of water above and below the ground these energy fields form a gridwork of natural fields of force. In the northern hemisphere this magnetic field generates negative force as it rotates in a counter-clockwise direction. In the southern hemisphere the positive field has a clockwise spin. Watch the direction that water spins down a drain and you will observe this force at work.

At points where these lines intersect and interact, more focused or intense energy occurs. These are referred to as "power spots". The moon's gravitational and electro-magnetic pull, the earth's rotation, sun spots and solar storms, and interacting magnetic fields result in wave-like distortions along the energy gridlines. In addition, the inherent energy radiating from all life forces on earth interacts with and affects natural planetary energies.

Now we are in grave danger from the reduction of our natural magnetic forces. The earth's crust has thickened from millenniums of molten deposit buildup. Even though the magnetic field from the much smaller core is strong, the distance to the earth's surface is greater, leaving the field diminished by the time it extends to the surface. So, we are now exposed to much lower levels of energy.

Man-made magnetic fields created by electricity are also affecting the gridlines. High power lines cross and crisscross across our planet in ever greater concentrations, distorting and interrupting the earth's natural currents to the point where it is now altering the hertz or vibration emitted by the planet. This "electro-pollution" along with the lowered magnetic forces and slowed earth rotation, is creating major geological upheavals such as earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions, and is affecting our weather patterns, as well.

On a more subtle level, it also affects our own electromagnetic energies and brain waves. We need the electromagnetic energy of the earth to stimulate us at an atomic level. When a magnetic field passes through our atoms in the correct direction, it increases their energy state. This increased action is a catalyst to chemical reactions in the body. Therefore, the direction of the magnetic field is crucial.

Humans and animals have always been affected by "geopathic stress". Ley lines or underground veins of water or radiation beneath an animal's stall or a person's bed have been proven to precipitate recurrent illness, pain, physical deterioration, fatigue, asthma, cancer, and even death. Bacteria and viruses thrive over earth radiation. Interruption in sleeping patterns is also common.

This is because most cell division occurs within the first two hours of sleep. The unpaired electrons within the atoms of our newly divided cells orientate their direction of orbit depending on the direction of the magnetic field in which they split. This will be whatever polarity is occurring naturally from the earth where you live. Important body revitalization and rebuilding that occurs during sleep is crucial to our health and longevity. And electrochemical energy is the basis for the function of the heart, brain and nervous system, as well as the immune system.

Most of us do not realize how environmental magnetism is so critical to life, or how damaging are the effects of unnatural or reversed polar electromagnetic energy. Unnatural electromagnetic stress is created by electrical power lines, transformers and wiring that runs through our homes, especially over or under our beds or where we sit. High tension power lines emit an electromagnetic field that is in the hundreds of megahertz.

Electro-magnetic Stress is also created by radiation from common home appliances such as hair blowers, clock radios, cell phones, televisions, microwaves, answering machines, timers, electric blankets, water beds, baby monitors, and fluorescent lights. These types of magnetic fields are very hard to shield and can extend up to 3 or 4 feet.

Try this experiment to observe a magnetic field. Place a sheet of paper over a magnet. Drop iron filings onto the paper. Rather than being attracted to the magnet, they will outline a circle well beyond its perimeter--the magnetic field. As you can see, magnetic fields easily travel through objects.

As electric current travels along wire, a magnetic field is created. Since magnetic fields are cumulative, the more wires, the larger the field, especially if the wires are coiled. That is why a transformer generates a very powerful magnetic field.

To see how magnetic fields from electrical currents can affect you, take a nail and wrap it in insulated wire. The nail represents you. Allow the ends of the wire to extend on either side of the nail. Touch one bare end of the wire to the positive pole of a battery and the other bare end to the negative pole of another battery. Then hold the nail over paper clips. You will find that the nail has become magnetized by the live wire's magnetic field.

Insulating the wire does not minimize the magnetic field it generates. When the batteries are removed, the nail still retains the magnetic charge.

So how does this physically affect you? As two magnetic fields converge, they increasingly attract each other, creating a warp or distortion. A magnetic field can even alter the orbit or orientation of your body's unpaired electrons. Positively charged magnetic fields attract the unpaired negatively charged electrons from your body, pulling them out of their natural orbit. Too many protons may condense in the wrong places, impeding the flow of electrons through the major channels of the body. Also, when you place yourself between two electrical currents, you instantly become a conductor. This is because your body is 70% water, it contains silica, a semi-conductor, and your blood hemoglobin is essentially iron.

These effects often remain long after the magnetic field is removed. Continual or repeated distortion of your electromagnetic energies will throw your body's chemical and electrical properties out of balance, reverse your natural poles, create blockages in your body's energy flow, depress your immune system, or send your electrons into chaos, virtually "overcharging your batteries". There is even evidence that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields can increase the risk of cancer.

Also, the frequency generated by the myriad of appliances and machines within our homes averages about 60 hertz. The body normally vibrates at about 12-14 hertz. With that kind of heightened exposure, the nervous system becomes adversely stimulated. Increased frequency attracts parasites and viruses, not to mention stressing your entire nervous system.

Do you have trouble getting a good night's sleep, or awaken at night? Do you awake with aches and pains or in poor spirits? Have you developed chronic fatigue, arthritis, hormonal imbalances, calcium deficiency, fibromyalgia, headaches, circulatory problems or other chronic illnesses? Are you plagued by depression, mental dullness, fluctuations in emotions, fluid retention, mental illness or an inability to cope with stress? Does your baby cry chronically for no apparent reason? Are you or your pets having problems trying to conceive or are you experiencing complications in pregnancy? Are your children hyperactive, irritable, exhibiting behavioral changes, or bed-wetting? Children and pets are particularly sensitive since their cells multiply faster.

Any of these symptoms can indicate the presence of natural or artificially created electro-pollution. A qualified professional geomancer, dowser or Feng Shui consultant can help you discover whether your home or property is making you sick. They will provide you with advice on how to correct it. Highly talented geomancers can even alter the course of underground radiation or water paths.

You can also look for your own clues. Is your television or radio affected by the operation of appliances or do you experience poor reception in certain areas of the house? Magnetic fields interfere with airwaves. This phenomenon alone is evidence of the power and extent of magnetic fields. Your body is no less affected than a TV.

Does your cat often sleep in the same spot? Are wasps, bees or ants drawn to certain areas of your property? These animals are attracted to energy spots, whether natural or unnatural. However, dogs and sheep will avoid them. Horses display irritability, head tossing, biting, kicking and difficulty in trailering. Cows develop mastitis.

You can do your own check for potential problems. Are any of these potential hazards present?.....electrical towers, transformers or underground cables near your house, electrical wiring under your bedroom floor, extension cords under or around furniture, a clock radio, baby monitor or electric blanket on or near the bed or crib, or a satellite dish near your home. Do you routinely operate a computer for extended periods? Could there be an underground stream beneath your house? Do you use a hair blower or cellular phone? Do you sleep on a waterbed?

Since water is an exceptional conductor of electrical energy, a waterbed, even if it is not electrically heated, can attract and focus magnetic energy from nearby wiring. The coils on your box-spring also magnify any existing fields. Do you live or work in a concrete or multi-story building or dense urban area that can deflect natural earth electromagnetic energy and sunlight while it exposes you to unhealthy environmental contaminants? Constant driving in cars, subways, trains or airplanes can also block you from the earth's natural energies. Plus electronic auto engines emit as much radiation as a computer!

So how do you minimize the problem? Take advantage of the natural laws of electricity. Fields from currents travelling in opposite directions cancel each other because the fields rotate toward each other. So, whenever possible run extension cords or wiring parallel in opposite directions. Make certain all wiring is properly grounded. And do not coil electrical cords. Using co-ax cable is another solution. It is surrounded in wire mesh that attracts the magnetic field and then grounds it. You can do the same with your electrical panel by encasing it in wire screen and then grounding it.

Moving the bed or furniture is the easiest "cure". Spend time outdoors to expose your body to healthy natural energies. Drink plenty of water. Rub the back of your fingernails together or massage the areas at the base of each of the nails. This is where the meridians end. Stimulating this area stimulates the whole body. Bouncing on a trampoline also works. Or hire a dowser to change the direction of the flow of underground water or radiation.

Meditation is another solution. It lowers the brain waves to between 7-11 hertz, the natural vibratory state of the earth and a balanced state for all life. It is also the same rate at which the brain functions when in REM sleep, or dream state.

There are currently a variety of different products on the market to absorb, cancel out or minimize electro-pollution in your environment and its debilitating effects on your body. "Smog" busters absorb the harmful radio-active effects coming from TV's and appliances and can be placed under the bed. ELFPAKS can be placed on electrical panels, in autos, or even carried with you. The Elmag, which is worn on the body, emits a steady, pulsating, adjustable, low-frequency magnetic field that compensates for the presence of electro-pollution.

The Q-Link, available in home units or worn around the neck, is an advanced computer chip designed to filter out the static surrounding any kind of wave--whether it is radio, microwaves or electro-magnetic fields. This allows the body to easily read the wave, thereby lowering the effect of its stress. The Q-link has the unique capacity to integrate left and right hemispheres of the brain. As a result, it can enhance both athletic and intellectual performance levels, stimulate the intuition or creative capacity, and stabilize organ functions within the body.

Other products include radionic equipment, crystals, and pendants. Product distributors will help you choose products that are right for your circumstances. Kyanite, or lodestone which has a positive ionic charge, placed near the work station or bed may also help. Or tape a few real copper pennies to the back of the TV. This reverses about 70% of the radiation.

Homeopathic remedies are especially dynamic, since they contain definite energetic properties that affect the body's energy field as well as its chemical balance. This is in part because they are derived from live essences, but primarily due to the method in which they are prepared. A Homeopath's skill lies in the ability to closely duplicate the vibration rate of the patient during illness. When the remedy is ingested, its resonance increases the individual's electromagnetic field to the exact frequency required to restore balance. The effect is subtle, yet quite profound.

Magnetic Therapy has proven effective in about 70% of electro-pollution cases. It seems to decrease acid in the tissues, stimulate the brain's production of melatonin, and dilate capillaries to increase blood oxygen and detoxify the body. This initiates healing.

This moderate rate of efficacy is largely due to the need for proper application and the quality of the product. There are both positive and negative polarized magnets available. The direction of the magnetic field is important, since it is critical to cell division. In our northern hemisphere, the earth's magnetic field is negative, or counter-clockwise. Magnetic energy passing through you in this direction will restore energy, especially during sleep. Unified fields have been artificially created so they will act like a single magnet.

Despite its polarity, both fields are present around a magnet's surface. It is this bi-polar field that has a stimulating effect. Bi-polar fields tend to elicit an emergency response from the brain, since one of the fields slows down the body's electrons and protons. Extra electromagnetic energy is sent to compensate. This reaction may have short term benefits to the specific area of the body in much the same manner as acupuncture. However, high vitality must already be present for satisfactory results.

Also, magnets should not be applied for extended periods of time. Use them for a maximum of one month at a time, because energy is being pulled from other areas of the body, leaving these areas vulnerable. Use them simultaneously on front and back or right and left sides in order to keep the body balanced. Also, make certain to drink plenty of water. Large or strong magnets should not be used around the head, or by those with pace-makers or defibrillators. They are also not recommended for use when exercising or jogging.

Possibly the best counter-measure for the effects of electro-pollution, are the "energy therapies". The most effective treatments include Reiki, Qi Gong, Therapeutic Touch and Polarity Therapy. However, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Craniosacral therapy, Light and Sound Healing, and Shiatsu are equally effective. These therapies, each in their own unique way, employ a multi-dimensional, integrative, balanced approach to healing by addressing the electrical and magnetic properties of the body, as well as the physical.

Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Qi Gong employ positive/negative interaction and exchange of electro-magnetic energy from one person to another. The magnetic field of the practitioner essentially attracts energy to where it is weak or needed, dilating blood vessels and increasing oxygen-rich, iron-laden hemoglobin in the blood.

Light and Sound Therapy uses sympathetic resonance created from the vibration of tuning forks to stimulate the body's electrical pathways and magnetic fields. Polarity Therapy connects positive and negative poles within the body to stimulate a current, establish proper energy flow, and ground the individual. To test your polarity, use Kinesiology. Place your right hand on top of your head and hold your left arm out horizontally. If your arm is easily pushed down, polarity is reversed.

Acupuncture, Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy and Shiatsu manually stimulate the internal networks of electrical pathways and circulatory systems to release blockages and uneven flows. Reflexology focuses on the terminals of the various systems located in the extremities--feet, hands and ears. Craniosacral Therapy centres on the spinal area from head to sacrum. ~~

Lori D'Ascenzo


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