Acupuncture applies precise stimulation to more than 1,000 meridian points on your body where neural pathways pass close to skin.  Photons in the cells become excited, causing energy impulses that travel instantly throughout your body to interact with regulatory systems such as the endocrine and nervous systems.  Beneficial neuropeptides are released, including endorphins which are natural pain killers.  This activates your immune system and rapid self-healing mechanisms, and dampens pain

Acupuncture is highly effective for chronic and hard-to-diagnose illnesses, over-taxed nervous system, stress, pain, migraines, emotional conditions and addictions.  It increases the level of white blood cells and alpha gobulins to boost the immune system and help fight infection.  It calms the emotions and relaxes the mind by producing Alpha brainwaves similar to meditation.  Acupuncture can also be used in place of anesthesia during surgery, dentistry or Caesarian childbirth, allowing the patient to remain alert without feeling pain or discomfort.

Acupuncture methods include traditional needles, as well as pressure, laser, sonar, vibration, energy impulse, and heat.  Training and certification is now standardized and regulated by Health Canada to ensure high standards of practice. Acupuncture is taught to Naturopathic Doctors, practitioners of Chinese Medicine, and is an optional modality for Chiropractors, physicians, and health professionals.  Some practitioners are covered by extended health care. ~


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